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Skinnies is a new kind of broad spectrum sunscreen that’s not diluted with water, so a little goes a long way. A pea size blob is all you need for your face, neck & ears for instant long lasting UV protection. Yeah right you say. Hell yeah we say. Skinnies dries quickly, isn’t white or greasy, has no parabens or preservatives & is SPF30 even after 80 minutes in water!

Extended Information:
Frequently asked questions (From the Skinnies Website)
What’s different about Skinnies?
Skinnies isn’t diluted with water, so you use a small amount (thoroughly & sparingly) once a day for instant long lasting UV protection. Cool eh!
No water! So what?
Well, most sunscreens contain 50-70% water, so they take 20 minutes to dry (while the water evaporates), and when you sweat or swim the sunscreen washes off, which is why you need to reapply every 2 hours. Not with Skinnies!?
Skinnies dries in a matter of minutes, isn’t white or greasy and you only need to apply a small amount for super long lasting protection (we use it once a day but you have to make your own mind up on this!).
How much do I use? (or should that be how little do I use!!)
A pea size blob of Skinnies covers your face, neck & ears for the day. And about 5ml* (or a heaped teaspoon) covers your whole body (depending on how skimpy your togs are) for a day at the beach. Surfs up!
That’s way less compared to the usual recommendation of 30ml (or a shot glass full) of white greasy sunscreen, meaning a tube of Skinnies goes so much further!
Check out this product comparison example: For a day at the beach you can either use 5ml of Skinnies used once a day, or 30ml of greasy white sunscreen applied three times per day!! That’s around 90ml (nearly a whole 100ml tube) of typical white & greasy sunscreen versus 5 ml of Skinnies.
*Skinnies coverage is applied using technical data at 3mg per square centimeter body coverage, and a “day” is based on the peak sunshine hours of 9am to 3pm. If you're swimming, or vigorously towel drying yourself (or someone else), it's best you reapply Skinnies.
Why does Skinnies work so well?
Skinnies does these 3 things totally awesomely:
protects your skin from UVA & UVB rays.
doesn't make you look white or greasy
stays on your skin*

*Skinnies comes off with soap and water, and/or with vigorous towel drying after swimming/washing.
What's in Skinnies?
Skinnies SPF30 Sungel is made from just a handful of ingredients (7 to be precise).
IMOGEL - Our trademarked, gel formulation is completely water free and produced under GMP manufacturing conditions. Imogel holds the UV protective ingredients on the outer layers of your skin so Skinnies does what it should, where it should.

BEMOTRIZINOL - Blocks the full spectrum of UVA and UVB rays and works extremely well in conjunction with Avobenzone.

AVOBENZONE - Avobenzone blocks the full spectrum of UVA rays (UVA1 & UVA2) and is THE most effective UVA absorber we could find. Rock on Avo!
OXYBENZONE - Oxybenzone mops up both UVA & UVB rays and contributes to Skinnies broad spectrum rating.

OCTOCRYLENE - Blocks UVB and UVA2 rays, and helps Skinnies to stay put when you're in the water.

TITANIUM DIOXIDE - TiO2 is a UV reflector (present in non-nanoparticle form) and makes the gel opaque.

VITAMIN E - Moisturises while the other ingredients protect, as well as mopping up some free radicals formed while you’re out in the sunshine.

Skinnies LOOKS SPF30 Beauty Gel has all the same good stuff as Skinnies SPF30 Sungel, plus lipid soluble vitamins C & E, CoQ10, and mica tints to keep your skin looking good as gold!
What's NOT in Skinnies?
- NO water (coz water doesn’t protect you from UV rays)
- NO parabens
- NO preservatives
- NO emulsifiers
- NO fragrances or perfumes
- NO alcohol
- And it’s GMO free

Who can use Skinnies & is it ok for babies?
Oldies, youngies, babies, everyone can use Skinnies. We’ve used Skinnies on all our kids from a few months old.
We even get a lot of comments from people with sensitivities & skin conditions saying Skinnies is the only sunscreen they can use as it doesn’t irritate the skin.
We always recommend a patch test just to be sure. If you’ve got any concerns please get in touch.
What about veganism?
There are no ingredients of animal origin, nor is Skinnies tested on animals, (but we did test it on humans and they seemed pretty happy about it!).
Is Skinnies compliant to AUS/NZ standard 2604:2012?
Hell yeah, in fact Skinnies blows the new sunscreen standard out of the water. And ‘in the water’ Skinnies is SPF30 even after 80 minutes.
Where is Skinnies made?
Skinnies is designed in New Zealand & manufactured in Australia to adhere to the latest regulations & perform in the harshest sun conditions in the world. Making it down under means we have access to the best formulation development & testing, manufacturing & filling professionals this side of Timbuktu.
Not to mention the fact that Skinnies is proudly produced under Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) & Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) conditions. Sweet!
How big is the tube?
Skinnies SPF30 Sungel comes in 200 ml, 100ml & 35ml tubes.
A 100ml tube applied thoroughly and sparingly should give you 20-25 full body applications for a day at the beach (easy on those pies!).
What about my daily dose of Vitamin D?
Let's be sensible about your daily Vitamin D dose. Either side of the burny times and before you get your Skinnies on, get out there for a few minutes and wave your bare arms, legs and face about in the sunshine (this is all the bareness required!). We call it the Vitamin D boogy (and we don't let anyone see us doing it).
How come Skinnies is so flippin' spendy?
Compared to crap brands it may seem expensive, but when you work out how much you use and the fact Skinnies works, it's actually solid value.
Bottom line is, this is the stuff we use on our very own babies and kids so it's the best and it works. We use the least number of ingredients for the best product, leaving out parabens, preservatives, emulsifiers, alcohol and most importantly we don't dilute Skinnies with 50-70% water. You get what you pay for and Skinnies is the good stuff.
What does SPF mean anyway?
It's a common mistake for people to think the Sun Protection Factor number rating can be multiplied by burn time without sunscreen to get the duration you can stay in the sun. Uh uh!
The SPF rating is a lab test result telling us how much protection the sunscreen provides against UVB rays (SPF15 93%, SPF30 97% and SPF50 98%). For a broadspectrum rating the UVA protection must be a ratio of at least 0.33 of the UVB rating. Skinnies ratio is .67 (which is O for awesome!).
The main thing that affects the protection level is putting sunscreen on correctly AND that it stays on your skin doing what it should, where it should (this is called substantitivity). A high rating sunscreen is no good if it washes off your skin at the first hint of sweat or swimming, right?
UVA and UVB, man it's confusing?
We could bang on about wavelengths and your epidermis and subcutaneous layers but put simply, UVB rays burn your skin making you go red, where UVA rays get in deeper damaging skin cells causing all that yuk skin cancer stuff.
Your best bet for UVA/UVB protection is a broadspectrum sunscreen, like Skinnies!
Does Skinnies give a rats about the environment?
Hell yeah! We've made Skinnies to work good, feel good and do good. Skinnies stays on your skin so it's not washed off polluting our beaut waterways.
Packaging is kept to a minimum and the tubes are recyclable. We try to keep our carbon footprint to more of a carbon toe print. We support Sustainable Coastlines and encourage people to take care of the beaches. Surfs up!
What else?
Skinnies doesn’t freeze at altitude coz there’s no water innit (making it COOL for snow bunnies and mountain climbers).
Skinnies is 80 minutes water immersion tested and still rates SPF30.
Is a light opaque apricot colour.
Is a gel, which means it spreads easily and you use a small amount – thoroughly and sparingly.
Skinnies is also great over your moisturiser and under make up (don’t tell the lads).