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New Zealand Lavender Oil - 0.17oz (5ml) bottle

NZLavender: 100% Grown and Distilled in New Zealand


Nature Sourced
Naturally occurring cultivars of L. angustifolia have been carefully selected for their unique oil properties.
Unadulterated, pure quality
From the plant to the finished oil in under 1 hour; efficient rapid harvesting and distillation, thorough drying, sparging with argon gas and storage at 4c all help minimise the degradation of our oil and produces a pure, high quality product.
Linalool is now recognised as and allergen and is listed on the European and the American FDA allegen lists. NZ LAVENDER new generation essential oil has the lowest level of Linalool of any L. angustifolia lavender oil commercially available in the World. In addition, with careful distillation and storage the oxidisation of Linalool into its more allergenic peroxides has been minimised.
High Linalyl acetate & Octanone levels
The pharmaceutically beneficial ingredients of lavender oil, which are utilised in aromatherapy and phyto-medicines, are unusually high in NZ LAVENDER new generation essential oil. Low Camphor & Cineole levels
The less desirable ingredients of lavender oil are characteristically low in NZ Lavender new generation essential oil.