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Nutra-Life Milk Thistle 17,000 Plus combines high strength Milk Thistle with liver supporting herbs like Dandelion, Globe Artichoke, Burdock & Schizandra, to assist the liver in detoxification & cell regeneration.

It has been carefully formulated to help protect the liver from the harmful effects of increasing global pollution and toxin levels, and act as a potent antioxidant against free radical damage to the liver and body.


Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum), also known as St. Mary's Thistle, has a traditional use in protecting the liver where its hepatoprotective properties due to its content of silymarin, a mixture of flavolignan compounds comprising silybin, silydianin, and silychristin.

The herb also contains bitter principles, which are responsible for its action as a digestive tonic and amines including tyramine and histamine and polyacetylenes.

Milk Thistle is useful for the treatment of liver problems and the flavolignans in Silybum marianum have been the subject of considerable research since the 1970's since the flavolignans have been found to increase protein synthesis in the liver cells (hepatocytes). According to some reports, the overall effect of Silybum is to help the liver regenerate four times faster than normal.

Milk Thistle also acts as a galactogogue and increases the production of milk in breastfeeding mothers, hence the name.



Globe Artichoke (Cynara� scolymus) is a bitter tonic with liver protective restorative properties.

It is used as a cleanser in cases of skin disease and excessive body� odour� and as a liver restorative, in cases of liver insufficiency and damage, liver diseases, poor digestion, gall stones and chronic constipation.

Dandelion (Taraxacum� officinale) has a wide array of complex constituents and its actions depend on whether the leaf or the root is being used.

Extracts from the Dandelion root contain phenolic acids, including� caffeic� acid, together with tannins and inulin. Other constituents include� sesquiterpene� lactones� (including� eudesmanolide� and� germacrolide� types).

Dandelion root enhances liver and gall bladder function and has traditionally been used by herbalists to treat liver disorders including jaundice (a condition caused by an excess amount of bile in the blood).

Dandelion is rich in lecithin, a substance researchers believe may protect against cirrhosis of the liver. Dandelion acts to improve digestion and cleanse the whole system, and is used for the treatment of many skin conditions as it stimulates excretion of toxins and is a blood purifier.

Taurine� is an amino acid which plays a major role in the liver via the formation of bile acids and detoxification. Abnormally low levels of� Taurine� are common in those with chemical sensitivities and allergies.

Taurine� is the major amino acid required for removal of toxic chemicals and metabolites from the body.