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KyolicÃ?® Aged Garlic Extractââ??¢ High Potency Everyday Formula 112 is made from organically grown garlic cloves, naturally aged in controlled conditions for up to 20 months. During this unique aging process, odour-causing compounds found in raw garlic are converted into stable, odourless, water-soluble Sulphur-containing antioxidant compounds.

Beneficial for

  • Supporting immunity
  • Strengthening resistance to infection
  • Helping to reduce symptoms of respiratory tract infections, the common cold, influenza and sinusitis
  • Helping to reduce symptoms of chest infections
  • Helping to reduce symptoms of throat, ear, sinus and cold sore infections

Key and Unique Features

  • Provides the proven health benefits of KyolicÃ?® Aged Garlic Extractââ??¢ from organically grown garlic cloves
  • The exclusive aging process used in manufacturing KyolicÃ?® Aged Garlic Extractââ??¢ eliminates the garlic odour and harsh side effects found in other forms of garlic
  • High potency, easy to swallow capsules are convenient
  • For heart health, circulation, immunity and antioxidant benefits