Lifestream Vitamin C Spirulina Immunity 120 CAPS

Lifestream Vitamin C Spirulina Immunity 120 CAPS

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Lifestream Spirulina Immunity with vitamin C provides the combined benefits of two certified organic real food products of the Lifestream range- Spirulina and Acerola berries. Acerola berries are rich in naturally occurring Vitamin C and other natural nourishing nutrients, making this blend ideal for those who are looking for optimum immunity.

This combination boosts energy levels and supports a strong healthy immune system, especially through the ills and chills season. It is ideal for people recuperating, run down or under the weather.

Lifestream Certified Organic Spirulina contains high levels of phytonutients including minerals, protein, enzymes, carotenoids, iron, GLA, xanthophylls and chlorophyll delivered in a perfect blend by nature. It also contains the powerful enzyme Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), which helps to reduce oxidative damage to cells.

Certified organic acerola berries are rich in natural vitamin C. This powerful little juicy berry is the natural alternative to synthetic ascorbic acid. They are harvested by hand at the peak of their potency in the certified orchards near the Brazilian rainforest. After a journey of only a few minutes the juicy berries are gently processed at low temperatures to preserve the Vitamin C along with the other nourishing nutrients from nature including enzymes, trace minerals, antioxidants, rutin and bioflavonoids

Lifestream Spirulina Immunity with Vitamin C:

  • 100% Certified Organic Spirulina
  • 100% Certified Organic Acerola Berry
  • Rich Spirulina source of carotenoids and chlorophyll
  • Rich source of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytonutrients and all 8 essential amino acids
  • Natural form of vitamin C which contains anthocyanin and bioflavonoids for optimum absorption


Spirulina Immunity Ingredients
Each capsule contains: 
Arthospira platensis (Certified Organic Spirulina) powder 450mg
Malpighia glabra (Certified Organic Acerola), standardised extract equiv. to fresh fruit
     Containing natural ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)
Also contains: Organic Tapioca starch, non orgaic capsule (hypromellose & water)


This product is vegetarian/vegan, GMO free, free from dairy, soy, wheat and gluten.

No added sugar, artificial colours or flavours.

Nutritional Information

Spirulina Immunity Nutrition Information
Avg. quanity: per serve per 100g
Energy 51kJ 1556kJ
Protein 1.9g 56.5g
     - gluten NIL NIL
Fat, total 0.2g 5.3g
     - saturated 0.08g 2.5g
Carbohydrate 0.8g 2.5g
     - sugars 0.1g 4.1g
Dietary Fibre 0.06g 1.8g 
Sodium 22.2mg 672mg
Vitamin C 101mg (253% RDI*) 3.1g
All values specified above are averages.
*RDI = Recommended daily intake


Directions for Use

Adults: 2-3 capsules, 2 times daily
Children (6-12 yrs): 1-2 capsules, 2 times daily

In acute health situation, you can increase the dose up to 3 times daily with guidance from your healthcare professional.

Note: If you are taking any prescribed medications we recommend you check with your healthcare professional before taking supplements.