Karen Murrell Natural Lipsticks - Rymba Rhythm 12

Karen Murrell Natural Lipsticks - Rymba Rhythm 12

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Seeing red. Embrace your inner romantic with the allure of Rymba Rhythm, a breathtaking red lipstick which yearns for timeless love stories and commands attention with its intense natural pigment and striking matt finish.


All natural ingredients, long-lasting, a creamy and smooth application. Nourishing for lips.


Candelilla (Euphorbia cerifera)

The candelilla plant grows in the semi-arid environment of northern Mexico. Plants growing in the hottest and driest areas produce a protective covering, which yields a hard vegetable wax of superior quality after processing. Candelilla wax is yellow, and is celebrated in lipstick production for its hard, brittle, glossy and slightly tacky properties.

Evening primrose oil (Oenothera biennis)

Rich in omega-6, soothing and very moisturising.

Castor oil (Ricinus communis)

Excellent emollient properties and a high-acting pigment dispersant. Due to its high viscosity, castor oil also helps to suspend pigment in the manufacturing process to avoid settling when hot. KM Lipstick pigments are milled into castor oil in a ball mill. The milling process reduces particle size and ensures even suspension and distribution.