FLash Amplifying Eyelash Serum 2ml

FLash Amplifying Eyelash Serum 2ml

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fLash Amplifying Eyelash Serum

fLash Amplifying Eyelash Serum 2ml
Flash is an amplifying eyelash serum designed to give you long, beautiful lashes. The highly concentrated serum delivers benefits that you will begin to notice within a couple of weeks and with its once daily application, it’s simple too!

Flash accentuation amplifying Eyelash Serum fills the void of consumers who find the more expensive eyelash products out of their reach.

Applying superior technology in a cost-effective formulation and packaging, Flash Amplifying Eyelash Serum succeeds in breaking a rather formidable price point barrier and offers superior lash enhancement where (following daily application), users will find a lengthening, thickening, and darkening of their lashes within two to four weeks!

Unlock the secret...long, voluminous lashes can be yours.

Thanks to the high concentration of Flash ™, with one application daily, you will achieve most beautiful eyes and a look expressive and impressive in a few weeks.
How to apply Flash ™?

Flash ™ is applied over clean, dry skin. Wait 2-3 minutes for the product to dry before using any other cosmetic product.
Take the applicator tube and clean the excess product on the upper edge of the tube.

Product application starts on the outer eye corner, sliding the applicator over the skin of the upper eyelid, on the base of the lash line. Do the same over the skin of the lower eyelid, on the base of the lash line.
In just 2-3 weeks you will start to notice a difference in your lashes. But, with continued use of Flash ™, in 6 to 12 weeks you will get the full benefits.

If this is your first time using Flash ™, you must apply it every other day for the first week.
From the second week, use Flash ™ daily for about six weeks or until you have the desired length in your lashes.
Once your desired length is achieved, reduce the use of Flash ™ to 2 or 3 times a week.